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5 Ways To Help Save Money On Fuel With Fleet Card’s Verizon Connect Partnership

One problem that every small business faces is the ever-increasing price of fuel. To combat this, there is now a new way to save money and gain efficiency with Fleet Card’s Verizon Connect Fuel Card Reporting. What Is Fleet Card’s New Verizon Connect Fuel Card Reporting? Fleet Card has partnered with Verizon Connect to offer […]

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One problem that every small business faces is the ever-increasing price of fuel. To combat this, there is now a new way to save money and gain efficiency with Fleet Card’s Verizon Connect Fuel Card Reporting.

What Is Fleet Card’s New Verizon Connect Fuel Card Reporting?

Fleet Card has partnered with Verizon Connect to offer complete control over fuel spend with a fully integrated GPS fleet management solution – Verizon Connect’s first ever Australian fuel card integration.

Fleet Card’s new integration with the world-leading fuel card reporter – renowned for its processes to ease fuel cost control and increase productivity – will benefit business owners looking to implement fleet tracking, reduce expense claim administration, and take advantage of 24/7 access to transaction & custom reporting.

The new state-of-the-art GPS technology features Telematics; technology that sends, receives and stores information relating to remote objects, such as vehicles, via telecommunication devices.

With few GPS solutions offering the correct combination of features required to achieve maximum GPS tracking system benefits, Fleet Card’s new Verizon Connect reporting includes: usability, technology development and financial stability.

Read on for 5 more ways Fleet Card’s new Verizon Connect reporting can save your business money and increase profits.

1. GPS Fleet Tracking and Fuel Purchase Reports

Fleet Card’s new Verizon Connect integration offers complete control over fuel spend with custom reporting. The unique ability to turn data into useful and actionable information means you have visibility over more than just where your vehicles have been… Now, share reports with team members in an easy-to-read format, identify vehicles that operate inefficiently and pinpoint where your fuel dollars are spent.

With the likes of custom reporting and near real-time alerts, your fleet will be working with leading efficiency to increase business profits.

State-of-the-art GPS fleet management offers exclusive insights:

  • Leading technology gives you 24/7 transaction activity for each vehicle on demand, without having to dig through your monthly fuel card invoice
  • Use reports to serve as a baseline for fuel usage improvements, monitor your fuel budget and compare fuel usage between vehicles



2. Fuel Efficiency Report

With ever-increasing fuel prices, visibility into where fuel is being wasted can significantly benefit your business’ profits. Get real insight into where fuel is being wasted and change your drivers’ behavior quickly to reduce costs.

Fuel Efficiency benefits

  • Allows you to see which vehicles are/are not running efficiently; exactly how speeding and idle times impact fuel costs
  • Use this report to pinpoint fuel-wasting driver behaviours and inefficient vehicles


3. Lost Fuel Report

Fuel card fraud is a major issue for businesses, with cases known of fraudsters running up bills in the hundreds of thousands. Fleet Card’s new Verizon Connect custom ‘Lost Fuel’ Reporting highlights incidents where a vehicle was not at the gas pump when its assigned fleet fuel card was used – 24/7 visibility.

Using Lost Fuel Reports to protect your business from Fuel Card fraud:

  • Helps detect fuel card abuse by highlighting incidents where a vehicle was not at the fuel pump when its assigned card was used
  • Also shows incidents where the litres pumped for a transaction exceeded the fuel tank size of the assigned vehicle
  • Use this report to uncover fuel card abuse and outright theft


4. Carbon Footprint Report

The ability to calculate each vehicle’s carbon footprint will assist your business in ‘going green’. Leading businesses are increasingly looking to partner with others that take environmental concerns seriously, but such corporations must be able to prove their efforts.

Take advantage of Fleet Card’s new Verizon Connect Carbon Footprint Reporting, which will allow your business to identify and improve environmental gaps within your fleet to increase business opportunities.

Carbon Footprint benefits:

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of each vehicle and summarise the total carbon footprint for your fleet
  • Use this report to decrease your environmental impacts, secure ‘green’ contracts and prove your environmental concerns to customers


5. Additional Fleet Card Benefits

The new Fleet Card Verizon Connect offering creates efficiencies and control, through a fully integrated solution, which ultimately benefits both drivers and business owners. Alongside the unique, new telematics, fleet tracking and GPS fleet management services, also enjoy Fleet Card’s leading fuel site acceptance, leading processes to simplify the way you pay for and manage, fuel and vehicle-related expenses.

Ease of Fleet Card Management:

  • Reduce expense claim administration, no longer required to collect messy receipts and manually reconcile fuel expenses or employee reimbursements (consolidated, ATO compliant invoices will still be shared for GST claims)
  • 24/7 access to transactions, fleet reporting, card and account management via Fleet Card’s online customer portal
  • Convenient payment by Direct Debit or Credit Card
  • No lock in contracts
  • The new, fully integrated Verizon Connect reporting – accessible via your Verizon Connect portal

Small business owners know fuel costs can overshadow other operating expenses, often without the ability to monitor inappropriate spending or track expenditures.

Fleet Card is thrilled to be the first Australian fuel card to integrate directly with Verizon Connect reporting; helping business owners verify data, pinpoint fuel card misuse, reduce fuel wastage & costs, and control fuel-wasting driver behaviours.

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