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Fleet Card

  • Fill up at around 6,000 multi-branded fuel stations throughout Australia with one fuel card!
  • Use One Consolidated Tax Invoice for all fills at all stations and repairs: Save accounting time and throw away receipts!
  • Pay for mechanical repairs, services at around 6,000 motor dealerships and repair centres across Australia with Fleet Card
  • Up to 50 days interest free credit

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The Fleet Card Advantage

Fleet Card offers nationwide coverage - on one card - around 6,000 fuel stations
Purchase mechanical repairs, services, tyres, panel work and other vehicle related expenses at approximately 6,000 motor dealerships and repair centres

Real savings
Time is money - save travel time looking for the “right” fuel station, instead visit the closest fuel station and spend more time "on the job"

Centralised billing
All vehicle expenses are billed on your monthly Fleet Card Tax Invoice

There are three Fleet Card Options available
You choose what combinations are right for you and your drivers
The fuel and oil only Fleet Card (Blue Card)
The fuel and repairs Fleet Card (Orange Card)

The Fleet Card Advantage

Improve cash flow -  flexible credit terms available

Reduced administration
Fleet Card reduces administration costs by eliminating the need for employee reimbursements and processing of individual service station vouchers. Save accounting time and throw away receipts

Online management and reporting
Fleet Card has a full secure online reporting system that puts you in the driver's seat
Combining user flexibility with ultimate control
24/7 access to itemised billing. Download reports as you need them

NO sign up fee and NO minimum spend

Fleet Card invites you to join our 
Multi-Branded Fuel Card Network In Australia