Fleet Card are proud to partner with Innovation Group, using 1link Service Network to manage merchant transactions online. The 1link Service Network removes the need for manual vouchers, speeds the transaction process and aids faster payments to Merchants.  1link transactions are authorised online therefore reducing manual overheads. 1link delivers enormous financial benefits to businesses by minimising invoice/voucher rejection, using a completely paperless invoicing process.


Suppliers simply enter the details of the work they wish to carry out and request authorisation online. Fleet Card have specified 1link rules which can automatically authorise work instantly. Exceptions are passed through to our operations team for response and are given priority over telephone calls. Statistics have shown that 1link suppliers can gain authorisation significantly faster than over the phone, avoiding any call waiting times. Suppliers who hold a franchise, can also access auto-populated data on jobsheets and verify it against manufacturer information to make entry of jobsheets fast and efficient.


At any moment in time, 1link allows users to view all jobsheets that they have in progress and review all actions that have occurred to date. A full audit trail is available which details what was approved, when and by whom. Users can run reports to find out what they have invoiced within a certain time period, or view what is still waiting to be finalised.


1link Service Network is simple to implement and incredibly easy to use. Access to 1link is browser-based with support for most popular web browser products. There are no further hardware or software requirements. 1link is an e-commerce platform developed primarily using Microsoft™ products. The system has been developed to provide a low cost communication tool for the automotive industry.

1link systems are hosted in multiple highly secure server environments globally, which ensures access is secure, robust and reliable.


Once the work has been carried out, 1link can deliver invoices electronically to Fleet Card in an instant. 1link allows suppliers to create their own invoice using their own invoice reference number. 1link minimises invoice rejections and is a completely paperless process, which offers huge efficiencies to both Fleet Card and the supplier. Invoices are paid by Fleet Card directly to the supplier in line with our existing terms. 1link also reduces the processing time - Fleet Card receive invoices without delay and without the need to verify them so payments can be made more quickly. Imagine the benefits that timely invoice payment would bring to your business!


1link Service Network is designed to be as intuitive to use as possible, but if you do need some help don’t worry, you are not on your own! As well as user guides and online help, Innovation Group’s dedicated 1link helpdesk provides free telephone support and training to get users up and running as fast as possible. Support staff will happily guide you through the entire 1link process as often as required and help you with any queries you may have.


1link Service Network is used globally by over 50,000 users including some of the world’s largest fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers. By signing up to 1link Service Network you will gain access to trade with some of Australia's biggest fleet leasing and card providers. More than $1.3b of invoices flow through 1link Service Network globally each year, making it one of the biggest e-commerce platforms servicing the automotive industry. 1link Service Network users can be assured that the platform continues to respond to the ever changing needs of the automotive environment.


To join the 1link community simply visit www.1link.com.au and click on Register Here. The joining form details the terms and conditions and platform charges.

Simply complete the joining form and return it to Innovation Group.

For further information you can contact the 1link team on 1300 132 655 or email [email protected]

Fleet Card teams up with 1link Announcement and additional information.