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mycar lives by putting customers’ best interest and safety at heart. With over 260 stores nationally, you can conveniently find one near you. - Trusted Service - Leading tyre brands - Highly qualified technicians - One of Australia’s leading tyre and auto service providers - One-stop-shop – mechanical and tyre repairer As a valued Fleet Card customer, we partnered with mycar to give you more options in terms of taking care of your fleet. mycar is committed to offering quality tyres and workmanship at everyday low prices. That’s why, when you make an eligible purchase from mycar’s Tyre Care Plan range of over 2000 tyres, as a Fleet Card customer you will be eligible for free Tyre Care Plan and receive these unbeatable benefits: - Free puncture repair for life1 - 12-month Road Hazard Warranty2 - Free tyre rotation and balance3 - Satisfaction guarantee4 Your Fleet Card® gets you a discount of 10% OFF across all mechanical servicing and general repairs. Plus, enjoy 10% OFF on new tyre brands under the Tyre Care Program: - Kumho - Continental - Pirelli - Goodyear Optilife - Viking - Diamondback

1mycar will repair any punctures you get for the legal lifetime of the tyre.
2If your new tyre is damaged on the road in the first 12 months, mycar will replace it for free.
3mycar help maximise the life of your new tyres by rotating and balancing them for free every six months.
4If you’re unhappy with your tyres for any reason, mycar can swap them for free within the first 30 days.

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10% OFF across all mechanical servicing and general repairs
10% OFF all tyre brands under the Tyre Care Program
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