Our Shell Truck Card entitles you to discounts on both diesel and petrol at over 940 sites in Australia. Plus, you get additional discounts on diesel at all 195 truck stops throughout the Shell and Coles Express network.

Using this card one of the most effective ways to efficiently manage your truck expenses. Simply present your card every time you fill up at Shell & Coles Express. You’ll save on paperwork & take control of your fuel spending...Click here to request more information 

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Access to quality fuels

National network of Shell and Coles Express sites with approximately 195 dedicated truck friendly sites and over 900 sites in the wider network.

Access a range of fuels that re designed to cater to the needs of every vehicle. Shell fuels are backed by unique technological expertise and decades of research.

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Ease of Administration

Reduce expense claim burdens. You  no longer have to collect messy receipts and manually reconcile fuel expenses or employee reimbursements.

Receive a single ATO approved invoice for GST claims.

24/7 access to transactions, fleet reporting, card and account management via our online customer portal.

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Fraud Prevention

All Shell Cards are PIN protected to help protect against unauthorized transactions in the case of a lost or stolen card.

Lost or stolen cards can be cancelled or blocked via phone or email at any time 24/7

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Truck Services & Benefits

Use your Shell Card on a range of specialied fuels including Ultra High Flow Diesel and AdBlue® at Pump/ AdBlue® Pack.

Fuel sites with dedicated truck forecourts and parking.

Use your Shell card on Shell non-fuel items such as in-store purchases and Oil's.

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Fuel Management and Control

Assign your card(s) to a driver, vehicle or fleet number

Manage your costs by applying purchase controls to restrict the fuel type to diesel and limit products or services your card holders can access (e.g. Shop & Lubricants)

The option to allocate cards to a specific cost centre for streamlined accounting

Download a transaction report 24/7, detailing all purchases made on each card by vehicle registration or driver name

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Key Features

Access to Shell Quality Fuels and an Extensive National Network

Competitive Pricing: Discounts available off Pump Price

No setup fees, No card fees and No transaction fees

Fuel Management control & Online reporting via ‘Business Fuel Online’ (BFO)

Security: PIN and purchase restrictions

Customer Service: Receive exceptional 24/7 customer service from our Customer Service Team

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