19 Dec

Roadside Safety these Holidays

With festive season around the corner, families are anticipated to cover thousands of kilometres between school holidays, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.


While pot holes, flat tires and engine mishaps may be unavoidable, follow these tips to help ensure roadside safety this Christmastime.


  • Maintenance 101:
    Before travelling, set aside 15 minutes to check on regular vehicle maintenance. This includes all lights, gears, radiators, windscreen wipers, fluid levels (detergent and oils) and that tires are up to speed. In addition, double check your battery is in good nick and not showing signs of acid leaks. It’s always a good idea to review your vehicle service dates also, in case any fall during your time away – you may like to book an early appointment before the holiday period.
  • A good night’s sleep:
    Getting some decent shut eye before a long drive is crucial to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Drowsiness is one of the most common factors in road traffic accidents and additional sleep will help prevent fatigue. Plan for extra rest before driving and if you’ll be covering long distances during the day, set aside time for naps.
  • Pump it up:
    Getting into the habit of refueling at regular intervals will relieve the stress of an empty tank during long stretches… Refueling when the last quarter mark hits is a good rule to follow. The petrol station pit stops are a great reminder to stretch your legs and enjoy some fresh air, too!
  • The Map:
    Sat Navs and Google Maps are fantastic, but a paper map will be the savior when technology fails… grab one at your first petrol or newsagent stop to keep in the glove box.
  • Roadside Assist:
    It may seem simple, however, many drivers forget their emergency details when something does pop up. Have yours handy before putting pedal to the metal, and ensure registration is up to date.