28 Mar

Network Update – Get More From Your Fleet Card

We are excited to announce Fleet Card has partnered with Goodyear Autocare and Dunlop Super Dealer.

Your Fleet Card is now accepted at all Goodyear Autocare and Dunlop Super Dealer stores to bring you more offers and savings.


Goodyear Autocare

Goodyear Autocare is a leading national network of 125 franchised tyre and auto service workshops.  Its Australian launch was in 2006 and was built on a long history tyre and automotive services industries under the Goodyear brand.  The network is committed to excellence in sales and personalized customer service and expertise.  Goodyear Autocare provides a full range of automotive services including tyres, major services, steering, shock absorbers and brakes.

For over 100 years in Australia the Goodyear brand has provided a diverse range of world-class and technically-advanced tyres to suit most vehicles including passenger, 4WD/SUV, truck, commercial and industrial.

So, whether you’re going on holidays, doing the school run, commuting to work, or just running down the street for some milk, you can be confident in your car because with Goodyear Autocare you’re “Good to Go”.

Store locations can be found at http://www.goodyearautocare.com.au/dealer-locator/


Dunlop Super Dealer

Dunlop Super Dealer is a substantial network of 128 licensed tyre and automotive specialists located in every state in Australia with approximately 80% of the network being in regional and rural locations.  The Dunlop Super Dealer network has been established for more than 25 years as a branded network and is committed to provide the best possible customer service and support with the added bonus of and understanding of local roads and conditions.  Many of the Dunlop Super Dealers provide a broad range of automotive services providing a one stop shop for customers.

With local knowledge, tyre and automotive expertise, substantial network footprint all backed with industry leading tyres, your Dunlop Super Dealer is able to provide you excellent service and support.

Store locations can be found at http://www.dunlopsuperdealer.com.au/store-locator/