What is Fleet Card Pay?

Fleet Card Online is our online portal that enables our Merchants, to access information such as payments and transactions etc.  Fleet Card have added further functionality, Fleet Card Pay, to allow our Merchants to process transactions online and therefore remove the need for manual vouchers.  This functionality is available to all of our Merchants, from fuel to tyres, servicing and car wash.

Features and Benefits

No More Manual Vouchers

These are no longer required, unless Fleet Card Pay is offline (i.e. your internet access is impacted) and you need a fall back process for transactions.

No manual voucher


Fleet Card Pay can be used to process all vehicle related transactions including fuel and non-fuel purchases, depending on the type of Fleet Card held by the customer.


Improved Payment Times

There are no delays for waiting on Australia Post and by using Fleet Card Pay, transactions are received immediately by Fleet Card, which means that the timings of when we can process your payment are improved. Instead of processing a manual voucher that requires batching, mailing or scanning, the transaction is available to view online through Fleet Card Pay the next day.

Improved payment times

Reduces Administration

Simply enter the transaction details in the secure Fleet Card Pay web page and submit the transaction for approval. Approvals or declines will happen on the spot.  Approved transactions receive confirmations.

Reduces admin


Fleet Card Pay is managed through a standard secure HTTPS connection with a standard SSL certificate that will be acceptable across all standard browsers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)